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Winehaven Winery

Winehaven Winery
July 6, 2023 | Winehaven Winery

Winehaven's Cinnamead wins medal at National Mead Crafter's Competition!

Winehaven's Stinger Mead and Cinnamead each won Bronze medals at the 6th annual National Mead Crafter's Competition!  The Stinger Mead is made from a blend of Minnesota wildflower and basswood honey.  The Cinnamead is infused with natural cinnamon to create a smooth, balanced wine with intense cinnamon honey flavors and a crisp, delicious finish.  The competition is sponsored by the National Honey Board and included nearly 300 meads from throughout the United States!  This is the 6th consecutive year Winehaven's meads have earned top honors at this competition!

Winehaven Mead Awards



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