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Winehaven Winery

Photography Policy

Winehaven is a popular, much-loved setting for photographers. Photography for personal use and not for profit is allowed without a permit.  

Weddings at Winehaven
Photographers hired for weddings held at Winehaven are able to take photos on the day of the wedding for no additional fees.  

Photo Shoots
For weddings hosted at other locations, or other photo sessions including, but not limited to, engagement, senior year, or family pictures, the client will need to confirm that their photographer holds an annual photographer permit or purchase a daily photographer permit at Winehaven’s Visitor’s Center. Only two (2) daily photographer permits will be issued on one day. Please e-mail events@winehaven.com to make arrangements. The daily photographer permit must be issued by noon the business day before the photo session.  

One-session Permits
Photographers may purchase a one-session permit for $50. This is ideal for a one-time photo shoot of an individual or families. Photographers must have a permit for each session with each client.

Annual Permit
Photographers may purchase an annual permit for $200 per year. The annual permit allows multiple sessions for the remaining calendar year in which the permit is purchased. This is ideal for professional photographers and others who regularly use Winehaven as a photo shoot location. 

Click here to download an application to purchase a photography permit.


  • Photographers taking posed or formal pictures must obtain a permit and carry it at all times while at Winehaven.
  • Lighting equipment which requires cords and external power sources or outside props cannot be used without prior permission.
  • Mini shoots are not permitted.
  • No climbing on vineyard trellis wires or posts, no climbing stone walls, no climbing trees.
  • All commercial photography must take place outdoors, between the hours or 10:00 am and 4:30 pm on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays or between 10 am and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.
  • Photographers must stay with their props at all times.
  • No trampling, picking, or collecting flowers, leaves, or grapes. No disturbing animals.
  • Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. 
  • All photographers and clients must check-in and check-out at Winehaven’s Visitor Center.
  • Areas cannot be reserved, and photography does not take priority over other visitor activities. Visitors are free to use any area at any time.
  • Winehaven may not issue permits for certain dates when photography sessions would interfere with scheduled events.

If you fail to follow our policies you risk losing your photography privileges at Winehaven and forfeiting the permit fee.

Commercial Photography
Stock and commercial photography requires advance arrangements. Projects involving commercial or stock photography (such as photos taken for publications, catalog shoots, commercials, professional videos, and the like) should contact wines@winehaven.com to review commercial use policies and locations agreements.

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