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Winehaven Winery

Winehaven Winery
June 12, 2022 | Winehaven Winery

Winehaven Collaborates With Twin Cities Distillery To Modernize Classic Cocktail With Local Ingridents

Winehaven Winery has announced a partnership with Copperwing Distillery of St. Louis Park, Minnesota to create a new summer cocktail called “75 & Sunny”.  Inspired by the classic “French 75” cocktail, this modern version utilizes Minnesota products like gin that is made in small batches at Copperwing’s Saint Louis Park facility.  It also uses Winehaven wine made from the University of Minnesota’s new Frontenac Gris grape.  The cocktail is crisp and refreshing, with good acidic balance, herbal and juniper notes, and a pleasant hint of lemon. 

“I have always loved the rich history of the French 75 and was delighted to work with Copperwing to create a new twist on this classic cocktail” said Winehaven’s Kyle Peterson.  The French 75 cocktail was created in Paris in 1915 at the famous “Harry’s New York Bar” which originally operated in Manhattan and was later dismantled and shipped to Paris.  Scottish bartender Harry MacElhone combined gin, fresh lemon juice and fine French Champagne to create a cocktail unlike any the world had ever tasted.  At over 13% alcohol, Harry thought the combination of ingredients packed such a punch that drinking it felt like being shelled by the French 75mm artillery gun that was commonly used in World War I.  During the 1920’s and 30’s the French 75 became one of Europe’s most popular cocktails.  It was called “the most powerful drink in the world” by British novelist Alec Waugh and it even made an appearance in the classic 1942 film “Casablanca.” 

“It’s very refreshing and crushable,” according to Copperwing’s Master Distiller Kyle Kettering, “but its drinkability can be misleading since it has an alcohol content of 13.5%.  It’s a good idea to share it with a friend!”  Indeed, the packaging on 75 & Sunny notes that each 375ml can contains two standard cocktails. 

75 & Sunny is available at Winehaven, Copperwing Distillery, and select liquor stores throughout Minnesota.  To order online, click here!


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